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Gerald Dawe

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Gerald Dawe has published twenty books of poetry and essays including Selected Poems (2012), Mickey Finn’s Air (2014), Of War and War’s Alarms (essays, 2015) and The Wrong Country (essays, 2018). He also edited the anthology, Earth Voices Whispering: Irish War Poetry 1914-1945 (2008).

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Recent Publications

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# Title Description Contributor
1 'Earth Voices Whispering’: Reading Ireland’s Poetry of WWI: An Introduction

Professor Gerald Dawe relates the Irish poetry of World War One to the history of Ireland itself...

Gerald Dawe
# Essay Title Description Contributor
1 At the Water’s Edge: Wilfred Owen and Water

By the look of the photograph reproduced in Jon Stallworthy's biography, it was a fairly run-of-...

Gerald Dawe