World War I Poetry in England (lecture)

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Lecture by Professor Langdon Hammer given as part of Open Yale courses, 'engl 310: Modern Poetry'. Available as audio, video and transcript with hadnout (.pdf).

About the lecture: A representative sample of English poetry of World War One is surveyed. War rhetoric and propaganda are examined and challenged in Wilfred Owen's "Dulce et Decorum Est" and "Strange Meeting." The relationship between home front and battle front is explored in Thomas Hardy's "Channel Firing," "In the Time of 'the Breaking of Nations,'" and "I Looked up From My Writing"; Edward Thomas's "Adlestrop"; and Siegfried Sassoon's "'Blighters.'" Isaac Rosenberg's "Louse Hunting" is discussed as a poem of ordinary experience in the trenches.
Recorded for Open Yale Courses in Spring 2007.

Part of Open Yale courses, 'engl 310: Modern Poetry'

Download: engl310_07_020707_emb.mp4 (217.15 MB)
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