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Archie Cornish

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Archie Cornish is a Dphil candidate at Wadham College, Oxford. His thesis is titled 'spatial allegory in the poetry of Edmund Spenser'.

Recent Publications

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# Title Description Contributor
1 The Tempest: For you am I this patient log-man

The director and actors talk about the log-scene in The Tempest and how they interpret and...

Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley
2 The Tempest: Prospero

Actor Dylan Townley talks with director Archie Cornish about the character Prospero. They...

Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley
3 The Tempest: Direction and interpretation

Director Archie Cornish and actor Dylan Townley - Prospero - talk about adapting, directing and...

Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley
4 The Tempest - Our revels now are ended: Bringing a scene to Life

The director Archie Cornish, and actor Dylan Townley, introduce the Revel speech in The Tempest...

Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley