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Andrew Sanders

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Academic Position:
Professor at Warwick University

Andrew Sanders is a professor of law at Warwick University. He researches criminal justice and is currently working on two projects; the prosecution of assissted suicide, and the 5th edition of his jointly-authored Oxford University Press textbook on criminal justice.

Recent Publications

  • Andrew Sanders, and Vanessa Munro, 'Feminist critiques of the Rule of Law' in M. Loughan and J. Meierhernrich (eds), The Cambridge Companion to the Rule of Law (Cambridge University Press 2020)
  • Andrew Sanders, 'The CPS, policy-making and assisted dying : towards a 'freedom' approach' in John Child and Antony Duff (eds), Criminal law reform now: proposals & critique (Hart 2018)
# Title Description Contributor
1 Dickens’s law makers and law breakers: Barnard's Inn and beyond

Free public lecture from Gresham College. Available as video, audio and transcript.


Andrew Sanders