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# Title Description Contributor
1 What can I say? Secrets in fiction and biography

Booker Prize winning novelist Alan Hollinghurst discusses fiction and biography in conversation...

Alan Hollinghurst, Hermione Lee
2 Where may truth lie? Fiction in memory, memory in fiction

The award-winning author and memoirist Candia McWilliam attests to the edifying power of fiction...

Candia McWilliam
3 "Oh, you liar, you storyteller": On Fibbing, Fact and Fabulation

The first Weinrebe lecture in life-writing was given by Michèle Roberts, Emeritus Professor of...

Michèle Roberts
4 "Bright Metal on a Sullen Ground": The idea of true character in English writing and portraiture

Historian Stella Tillyard delivers the fourth Weinrebe Lecture in Life-Writing and Portraiture....

Stella Tillyard
5 The Women who 'Meant to Do It': George Eliot and Celebrity Performance

The novelist Patricia Duncker gives the keynote lecture at the Life-Writing and Female Celebrity...

Patricia Duncker
6 Elleke Boehmer's The Shouting in the Dark and Other Southern Writings

Emma Parker interviews Elleke Boehmer about her award-winning novel The Shouting in the Dark...

Elleke Boehmer, Emma Parker
# Title Description Contributor
1 Brilliant Paradoxes and Corrosive Epigrams; or Why Oscar Wilde Went to Trial

In this Open Day taster lecture, Sos Eltis explores the complex causes which motivated Oscar...

Sos Eltis
2 Making Oscar Wilde

A Book at Lunchtime seminar with Michele Mendelssohn, literary critic and cultural historian. Dr...

Michèle Mendelssohn, Sos Eltis, Hermione Lee, Charles Foster
3 Diaries as Literature - The Case of Virginia Woolf

In this Open Day taster lecture, Michael Whitworth considers whether diaries are literature and...

Michael Whitworth