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The Origins of World War I (lecture)

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Lecture (available as video, audio and transcript) delivered by Professor John Merriman as part of the Open Yale College course ‘France Since 1871′.

The traditional, diplomatic history of World War I is helpful in understanding how a series of hitherto improbable alliances come to be formed in the early years of the twentieth century. In the case of France and Russia, this involves a significant ideological compromise. Along with the history of imperial machinations, however, World War I should be understood in the context of the popular imagination and the growth of nationalist sentiment in Europe.

Lecture chapters:

Tangled Maps of Empire: Diplomatic Origins of the First World War [00:00:00]
A Delicate Balances: The Shifting Alliances of the Great Powers [00:07:24]
The British Empire on the World Stage: Capabilities on the Continent [00:19:26]
Mounting Tensions in Alsace-Lorraine: The Saverne Crisis [00:32:29]
War Expectations and Enthusiasm [00:40:14]

Date Published: 15 August 2012
In Collection(s): Contexts